What is Frank?
Frank is a wall hook. He is made from powdercoated steel and he screws into your wall just like a regular wall hook. Frank is three inches tall and three inches wide. His ears are just the right size for hanging things on.

Who is Frank?
Frank is a quiet sort of fellow, who simply likes to hang out. He’s incredibly patient and diligent. If you ask him to hold something, he’ll never let go. He is quite literally as strong as steel, though he’s just three inches tall.
Growing up, Frank knew he wasn’t like the other rabbits. Their ears were floppy and covered in fur; his were rigid and strong. As a young rabbit, Frank’s life changed when he went to the circus. There, he saw a seal balancing a ball on his nose. Frank was inspired. He tried to balance things on his nose, without much success, until one day he decided to try balancing them on his ears. He was a natural, and was soon holding up all kinds of objects with his ears for hours, even days, at a time.
It was at this time that Frank decided to devote the rest of his life to his talent and become a full-time wall hook. He’s never looked back and has never been happier.